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Baths of Caracalla

caracalla baths in romeThe baths of Caracalla are one of the most imposing examples of the imperial thermal baths, a great part of the structure is preserved.

They were wanted by Caracalla emperor, built between 212 and 217.
Polemio Silvio, in the 5th century, described its as one of the seven wonders of Rome, they were famous for the richness of their decoration and the art which decorated its.

For its construction, into 212 the aqueduct of Aqua Antoniniana was built, which crossed the via Appia with the Arc of Druso.
The external walls were on the other hand the work of the last two emperors of the dynasty of Severe, Eliogabale and Alexander Severe.

 caracalla bathsAfter the destruction of aqueducts by the goths in 537, the baths were'nt used anymore.

The Caracalla' baths
in Rome

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