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The jewish district of Rome

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jewish district of rome Jewish district

The Roman ghetto is located on left bank of the Tiber, between the island Tiberine and the Campidoglio. It is delimited by the "via delle one Botteghe Oscure" in north, it "via Arenula" in the west, the Tiber in the east and the theatre of Marcellus in the west. It is the place of an old Jewish establishment. The ghetto to be strictly accurate goes up at 1556, under the pope Paul IV: the Jews were constrained every evening to return in the enclosure of the ghetto, with curfew. The curfew was removed in 1848, and the walls of the ghetto broke down at the time of the Italian reunification. Today, the Jewish presence remains, with a synagogue close to the Tiber.

 ghettoThe synagogue of Rome

The large synagogue of Rome - the Tempio - is set up between 1901 and 1904

The Jewish community recalls its origins with 161 before the vulgar era, when Judah and Simon Maccabe, ambassadors of their Mattatia father, transfer to require of the Roman Senate an alliance against Antiochus Epiphane of Seleucides of Syria which had profaned the Temple. Many Jews settle, initially in current Trastevere (in addition to the Tiber) reserved the abroads. They bring in their luggage the rite into force then in Jerusalem, rite which will remain unchanged during twenty and one centuries and that one describes as Italian rite.

 About the history of the ancient ghett : Wikipedia

jewish district of rome rome









roman ghetto









matei palate rome Palazzo Matei

The Mattei family was very influential in this zone of the city as of the XIV° century, in XV° century they joined itself the pope while contributing by their action to put an end to the laic control of the city. They became famous for the violence which characterized the internal fights of the family and for the atrocious crimes. Mattei were driven out of Rome to the XVI° century.

palazzo matei matei palate


 fountain of the turtles

Fountain of the tortoises (piazza Tartaruga).

Built in 1584 by Giacomo della Porta.



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