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Piazza Bocca della Verità

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bocca della veritaPublic square in the ancient zone of the Boarium Forum, in front of the Tiber' island, which takes its name from the Boccà della Verità, today located in the porch of the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin.

Besides the going back church to the late Middle Ages, in the public square they rise the Arch of the Argentari, temple of vestaArch of Giano, the Temple of Hercules, erroneously identified as Temple of Vesta in reason of its circular form, and the Tempio di Portuno, divinity tied to the fluvial port that rose here.

The fountain in front of the two temple, realized by Carl Bizzachieri on a commission basis of Pope Clemente XI, was placed in the public square in 1715, it has an octagonal base and represents two tritons that support a shell over the witness from which she gushes out the water.

Here till the 1868 came executed the condemned ones.

bocca della veritaBocca della verità


alberto pisa - teatro di marcello
Templi di Vesta e di Fortuna

Boccà della verità, Santa Maria in Cosmedin

bocca della verita bocca della verita bocca della verita

Arco di Giano

arco bocca de la verita arco di giano


tempio boarirum tempio rome temple boarium circulairetemple de vesta -rome

Casa dei Crescenzi

casa dei crescenzi

Arco degli argenti

arco degli argenti arco degli argenti

San Giorgio in Velabro

san giorgio in velabro - romebasilique san giorgio in velabro basilica san giorgio in velabro basilique san giorgio in velabro


Franz, San Giorgio in VelabroFranz, San Giorgio in Velabro (fine XIXe)

Franz, Tempio di ErcoleFranz, Tempio di Ercole (fine XIXe)

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