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Capitoline square

capitoline squareThe place of Capitoline hill is altered since 1564 on a project of Michel-Angel.

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Navona Square

navona square in romeThe Navona Piazza square kept the shape of the Domitian circus, the arcs of the circus still remain under the ground. Its current paving stones were pressed by the apostles of XVIth century as St ignatius loyola ...

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Spanish steps

spanish steps - piazza di spagnaThe fountain of Barcaccia, heart of the irregular place Piazza di Spagna finishes the visual space of the street of Babuino. Splendid, the large staircase of the Trinity of the Mounts converges towards the fountain ..

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Farnese square

piazza and palace farneseSince 1874, the Farnese palace is the seat of the embassy of France near the Italian government...

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Campo dei Fiori

campo dei fiori

Near to the Farnese Place, environment is very different there. This place does not miss life with its daily market the morning and its many bars and terasses the remainder of the day...

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Square Saint-Peter

saint peter square in rome

The Saint Peter square is famous for its columns, drawned by Gian Lorenzo Bernini...

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Bocca della verità

bocca della verita

The place has its name from the famous mouth of the Truth (Bocca della verità), famous mask placed in the gantry of the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedina. According to a famous Roman legend, the mouth would eat the hand of all those who while placing it inside would lie...

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Piazza del Quinrinale

quinrinale square

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Piazza della Minerva

piazza della minerva Sur la place, à l'emplacement de l'ancien temple de Minerve, s'élève la très belle église de Santa Maria Sopra Minerva ..

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Piazza Rotonda

piazza rotonda square pantheonThe Piazza Rotonda square is in front of the Pantheon monument.

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Piazza del Popolo

piazza del popoloView page about piazza del Popolo


Piazza Colonna

piazza colonna square in romeView page about piazza Colonna


Square of Venice

Piazza Venezia - Monumento a Vittorio Emanuelle 2The "Vittoriano" is enormous monument which dominates Piazza Venezia, owes its name to the king in honor of which it was built: Victor Emmanuel II, first king of Italy

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Piazza Barberini

Piazza barberiniBarberini square and its Triton fountain

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Piazza di Montecitorio

Piazza di montecitorioOn the Piazza di Montecitorio, the Palazzo di Montecitorio (chamber of italian deputies) and in the centre, an obelisk from Heliopolis.

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