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Spanish steps

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Piazza di Spagna The fountain of Barcaccia is the heart of the irregular Piazza di Spagna.
The splendid and large stepq of the Trinity of the Mounts converges towards the fountain, creation of Pietro Bernini.
The need for creating a connection between the French church of the Trinity of the Mounts and the down zone had often been smelled but had always met the opposition of the popes, not very inclined to recognize the strong presence of France.

In the XVIIIth century it was not possible any more to differ its creationwhen all the area had a great development determined by the presence of the port of Ripetta.
Francesco De Santis, young architect being appropriate as well to the Pope with French. De Santis carried out the connection by a spectacular theatrical scenography: the steps goes down from the church as a travertine cascade and converges towards the fountain of Barcaccia where the street of Condotti starts and arrived at the port area.


trinita dei montipiazza di spagna - romascale piazza di spagna - romascaline piazza di spagna - roma
La trinità dei Monti e scale

fontana - piazza di spagna - romapiazza di spagna - romapiazza di spagna - romapiazza di spagna - roma

piazza di spagna - romafontana della barcaccia - piazza di spagna - roma
Fontana della Barcaccia, di Pietro Bernini (XVIIe), padre del Bernino.

piazza di spagna - roma



Piazza di Spagna spanish steps Spanish district


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